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From a legal point of view, trademarks/brands are signs that enable consumers to identify products and/or services with a particular company or to distinguish them from similar products or services. From a commercial point of view trademarks/brands offer a medium for entrepreneurs/producers to identify themselves and to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

You can register all relevant characteristics of the trademark/brand in question, such as its name, design, logo, packaging, color or typeface.

Example of a trademark:
A trademark may be a word only, like SHELL. A trademark may also be made up of a device only, like the shell logo of SHELL or also of the combination of a word element and a device element, like SHELL with the shell logo.

Protect your rights by protecting your trademarks/brands through registration. In this way, you will have the advantage above your competitors and you can bolster your trademarks/brands against illegal infringement by third parties.

Noordzij Partners will happily assist you worldwide in all procedures for advice/registration and maintaining trademark rights. We specialize in managing and monitoring (inter)national trademark portfolio’s.

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