Legal advice

Noordzij Partners, juridische advisering

We provide clear legal advice regarding trademarks, domain names, trade names and designs. This compiles among others the legal and marketing questions if a trademark is legally registrable as a trademark and if it isn’t already protected by a third party. Furthermore we can advise you in the event of a dispute and we are […]

Trade names

Noordzij Partners, handelsnamen

A company name is the name under which a company operates. Company name protection has a limited character and it can be seen as a local right within the territory in which the company name is used. On the other hand, trademark protection automatically extends to the whole area in which protection is obtained. Of […]


Noordzij Partners, onderzoeken

If you introduce a product without investigating in advance whether its trademark/brand is free and available, you may run into undesirable situations. After all, nobody likes to withdraw his or her product! In order to prevent problems, we strongly recommend you to investigate in advance whether the trademark/brand you have in mind may be used. […]

Trademark watch

Noordzij Partners, merkbewaking

After you have obtained the exclusive rights to your trademark/brand, the danger of infringement still exists, particularly if your trademark/brand is successful. It is important that a new trademark/brand that is strongly similar to yours or even identical is pinpointed at an early stage, so that you can take action within the legally required term. […]


Noordzij Partners, modellen

The novel appearance of a product with an utilitarian function may be protected as a design. Both three dimensional objects, like a chair or a table, and two dimensional drawings or patterns (e.g. fabrics) may be protected as a design. Example of a design:The shape of the box for collecting domestic chemical waste has been […]


Noordzij Partners, auteursrechten

By creating a work a copyright automatically arises. It is not possible to register a copyright. However, it is important to have evidence that at a certain moment a work was created. Noordzij Partners will happily assist you in the field of copyright. For more information, please contact one of our specialists at telephone number +31 (0)20 […]

Domain names

Noordzij Partners, domeinnamen

A domain name consists of the combination of a name and an extension. Under all circumstances, do protect your company name and trademarks as domain names. It goes without saying that we may protect names with every possible extension, e.g. .nl, .eu, .com, .be, .biz, .info, .net, .org, .nu and .tv for you. Register your […]


Noordzij Partners, merken

From a legal point of view, trademarks/brands are signs that enable consumers to identify products and/or services with a particular company or to distinguish them from similar products or services. From a commercial point of view trademarks/brands offer a medium for entrepreneurs/producers to identify themselves and to distinguish themselves from their competitors. You can register […]